Pre Bid meeting on 2078.04.18 BP Koirala Memorial Trust’s office Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu

Interview with Dr. Jayaraj Acharya about B.P. Koirala on CCTV

Notice of Intention to Award the Contract

BP Koirala Memorial Trust Dhumbarahi-4, Kathmandu, Nepal Notice of Intention to Award the Contract First Date of Publication: 2078/Ashoj 11, Monday Contract ID: 1/BPMT/078/079 As per the provision of clause 27 (2) and clause 47 of Public Procurement Act 2063, this is to notify to all the bidders who submitted the bid for the contract

Notice to Attend the Opening of the Financial Bid

BP Koirala Memorial TrustDhumbarahi-4, Kathmandu, NepalNotice to Attend the Opening of the Financial BidFirst Date of Publication: 2078/Bhadra/28 , MondayContract ID: 1/BPMT/078/079Title: B P Koirala Memorial Studies and Research Center BuildingWith reference to the above mentioned referred contract (Single Stage: Two Envelope), it is hereby informed to  all concerned bidders as per ITB clause no

Notice regarding rescheduled bid submission date

According to the Home Ministry’s source, Aug 22 and 23 is a public holiday, so all the programs for bid submission and opening are rescheduled for 24th August 2021. Submission Time: 2:00 PM Opening Time: 2:30 PM

Pre-bid meeting with Several Contractors 2078-4-18

भवन निर्माण सम्बन्धी शिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आव्हानको सूचना

B.P. Koirala Memorial Building’s Proposed Concept

B.P. Trust succefully organized 44 National Unity and Reconciliation Day

B.P. Koirala Trust has successfully organized it’s 44 National Unity and Reconciliation day 2076 B.S. which was held in Baluwatar, Kathmandu on 16 Poush 2076 (1 January, 2020). It was our honour to invite honourable Mr. Ram Sharan Mahat and Mr. Prakash Man Singh as our chief guest. Our Trust thanks all our participants who

Democratic socialism is what we need

-Dr. Dinesh Bhattarai  In this age of sweeping transformation and intense polarization, social democrats stand as the lamppost for the greatest possible reconciliation between liberty and equality It has been a stormy world since the end of Cold War. A general atmosphere of euphoria has prevailed on the ‘end of history.’ As a torchbearer of